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Wize Girl Treats is a gourmet dessert shop serving handmade fruit pies, cream pies, a variety of cookies, cakes and donuts. We sell our pies and treats online and ship across the United States. We also sell our delicious pies at various Farmers Market. People ask me, “what makes your pies any different than most. All my pies are made with fresh fruit from local farms and markets. I will only use quality ingredients. All my crusts are handmade. I roll out every single pie crust myself. All my pies are "made with love." That is what makes them so special. Once you taste one you will understand.

I am a wife and mom of two boys ages 9 and 10. My passion for baking began as a little girl which continued throughout my life. I learned everything from my grandmother. She was an amazing baker. She showed me the way. What started out as a hobby creating birthday cakes and specialty cakes for my children family and friends, progressed into something more. I started selling my cakes, cookies, and pies on social media and at various Farmers Market. I put so much love into everything I bake.

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